A digital drawing of a male anthro lion with green eyes, dark brown fur, and a mane that fades from light brown to dark brown. He's got his arms casually folded and is grinning at the viewer.
Aires Ref Sheet by Claire Commissions
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A reference sheet of Aires, done by Claire Commissions.

Wow So Polite
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The polite cafe is a blog by Ado, a software lion on the internet.

A drawn image of a male anthro lion. He's wearing a green blazer and carrying a book with a logo from the Elder Scrolls games on the cover.
Aires: Elder Scrolls Scholar by Yemmie
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A commission of Aires, by Yemmie.

A digital painting of a male anthro lion with green eyes and a mane that fades from light brown to black. He's got a mischevious grin and is wearing a dark blue/purple blazer.
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A commission of Aires.

A drawing showing the Companions from the game Skyrim standing in fursuits. An empty suit is laid over a stone alter. One of them, Aela, is saying "Behold! Hircine's gift! Partake in the blood ritual and become one of us!"
What the f*#k is a furry?
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4 min read

The furry community is full of misconceptions and flat out myths. This blog won't address all of these, but is one person's perspective on what it means to be part of this community.

AI-generated image of a lion in silhouette standing in the middle of a desert town during dusk
The Return
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33 min read

A young man steps off a train to find himself in a seemingly abandoned western town. But when he tries to leave, he finds himself hunted by a strange and terrifying beast. Now he must find a way to escape, or fall victim to his own fears.

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