Hi, I'm Aires!

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a lion.

I'm a creative writer working mainly in fantasy fiction. I work in the software industry as a professional B2B marketer, and I occassionally hack away at C++, Java, and Node.js apps. I also know my way around a Linux terminal (I use Arch, btw). When I'm not hunched over a keyboard staring at Visual Studio Code or Typora, I'm mixing music, biking, or journaling.

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Screenshot from Second Life of Aires, an anthropomorphic lion, waving at the screen.

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Occasionally I write about stuff.

Black and white photo of a person's silhouette standing in a square hallway. The opposite end of the hallway is drenched in a blinding white light, while the nearer end is shrouded in shadow.
The Antidepressant That Changed My Life
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6 min read

My first few weeks on Auvelity, a relatively new and unexpectedly effective anti-depressant.

3D illustration of an approach to a wall of a spaceship with complex metallic structure in blue and purple.
My Nixos Configuration
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7 min read

A walkthrough of my latest NixOS configuration using Flakes, Home Manager, and a poor man's secrets management solution.

An avatar in the style of GitHub's Octocat, a cat/octopus hybrid.
My GitHub Account
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My personal GitHub account.

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