Hi, I'm Aires!

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a lion.

I'm a creative writer working mainly in fantasy fiction. I work in the software industry as a professional B2B marketer, and I occassionally hack away at C++, Java, and Node.js apps. I also know my way around a Linux terminal (I use NixOS, btw). When I'm not hunched over a keyboard staring at VSCodium or Obsidian, I'm mixing music, biking, or journaling.

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Screenshot from Second Life of Aires, an anthropomorphic lion, waving at the screen.

Recent Posts

Occasionally I write about stuff.

A stylized photo of a backlit keyboard with multiple overlapping ghostly photos of itself overlayed.
Computers as code: Why declarative systems are the future of computing
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9 min read

A different way of thinking about how we use and manage computers, in both our personal lives and professional lives.

The Fediversity logo.
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The Fediversity Project is a comprehensive effort to bring easy-to-use, hosted cloud services that have service portability and personal freedom at their core to everyone.

A photo of an ice floe with big chunks shattered and overlapping.
Why is enabling automatic updates in NixOS so hard?
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9 min read

An explanation of NixOS' update process, and why something as simple as enabling automatic updates is so problematic.

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